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Offering more than a dozen different clamp styles for a full range of coverage, the NORMA family of exhaust clamps properly secure today’s automotive and heavy-duty exhaust systems. The line is comprised of V-Bands, U-Bolts, wide band clamps and exhaust pipe couplers.

The V-Band or V-type exhaust pipe clamp is so broad, it has its own category. The U-Bolt clamp is another common exhaust pipe repair clamp and is typically used in simple connections on aftermarket replacement projects.

NORMA also has a wide band clamp for joining larger exhaust pipes on performance exhaust systems. This clamp stretches to form a very tight leak-proof seal and is made for one-time use, though some models are designed to be reusable. These exhaust pipe clamps spread the clamping force over a wide area so the pipe is not crushed. This makes it easy to disassemble exhaust parts with simple tools.

The last exhaust clamp type is the exhaust pipe coupler. The coupler is an effective way to join exhaust system components without the need for pipe flares/slip joints or slotting. It allows for quick assembly and provides significant resistance to longitudinal and rotational movement of pipes.