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BREEZE Hi-Torque
BREEZE Hi-Torque

BREEZE Hi-Torque

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The BREEZE USA-made Hi-Torque worm gear clamp is leading the coupling industry by providing the strongest quadra-lock construction. Made with stainless steel material, its two-piece housing allows for movability around piping and is ideal for fuel and fluid applications in the automotive, commercial and residential applications.

Detailed Description

The All-American BREEZE Hi-Torque worm gear clamp features a compact neck diameter that allows for effortless movements around band slots and the large-scale diameter range keeps the clamp engaged in extreme environmental conditions. Its 15.9mm band, 7.9mm hex head screw, and 1" to 9 1/8" diameter range separates BREEZE from competitors by ensuring exact arcial perforations for additional safety and strength.

Product Specification

Product Specifications Coming Soon

Brand Information

For more than 90 years, BREEZE has been a symbol for American innovation – pioneering and manufacturing a deep portfolio of perforated worm drive hose clamps for aircraft, automotive, heavy-duty vehicle and industrial applications. Today, the brand offers a comprehensive line of BREEZE hose clamps and BREEZE industrial products including worm drives, T-Bolts, V-Band, constant torque solutions and specialty designs. Manufactured in America, BREEZE clamping technologies are engineered to meet exact requirements with proven quality, reliability and affordability. The full range of BREEZE products includes almost two dozen innovative solutions that offer the highest quality, safety and reliability and can seal everything from heavy-duty truck exhaust pipes to an aircraft’s duct system.