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The Best Clamps for Exhaust Repairs

October 2019

NORMA offers a couple different clamps that help technicians avoid exhaust system comebacks and provide robust performance. All are as good or better than the original.

  1. The NORMA EasySeal clamp offers easy, fast and accurate installation. This clamp is intended to wrap around the pipes being connected and then stretches into shape when the bolts are tightened. The softer metal on the band conforms to slight irregularities in the pipes being joined for a leak-proof seal. Because it deforms to seal the pipes, it can only be used one time. Re-using this type of clamp will result in an exhaust leak. When installing the EasySeal clamp, it should be positioned half way between the pipes being joined together. Wrap the clamp around the pipe and start the bolts and nuts leaving them loose. Double check the clamp position then tighten the fasteners evenly.

NORMA EasySeal Clamp

  1. Another common style of NORMA clamps is the AccuSeal clamp, along with its more economical offering, the DuraSeal clamp. These two clamps are often used on high-end stainless-steel aftermarket exhaust systems and high-flow exhaust systems commonly found on performance vehicles. They are designed to securely clamp the pipes together without distorting the exhaust’s internal diameter. With customers paying a premium for these large diameter high-flowing exhaust systems, it only makes sense to use clamps designed specifically for these types of applications. The AccuSeal and DuraSeal clamps not only prevent exhaust pipe distortion, the pipes can be easily disassembled and the clamps can be re-used. Give your customer all the performance they are looking for by using NORMA AccuSeal and DuraSeal clamps on your hot rod exhaust systems.

AccuSeal clampDuraSeal clamp